Me and my art


di Irene Malizia

Me and my art

Who is Irene Malizia?

Irene Malizia is a violinist, composer and teacher. Music is her passion, her life, her work. She studied violin, composition and pedagogy in Italy and in Austria. She plays as a soloist as well as in different chamber groups and orchestras. She has been awarded in many violin and composition competitions. She founded in 2014, together with the guitarist and life partner Angelo Tatone, the musical brand "Variando musica" with which they work together in Austria and abroad with many Concerts, Workshops and Projects. She is assistant for violin at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory (Eisenstadt), lecturer for violin, music theory, composition, composition and improvisation and Study coordinator at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

For further information about Irene Malizia and her music:

How was born the passion for painting?

One day, in 2011, she was invited by a friend to a "painting evening". In this occasion she tried for the first time some "brushstrokes" on an old, broken porcelain plate. Immediately, she discovered a different way of colors and nuances, which she had always created with music until that moment … she spent some beautiful hours “marking” plates and cups with all kinds of colors and forms. At the end of that evening, she received the most beautiful and unexpected gifts: 5 tubes of colors for porcelain ... the three primary colors, the white and black colors. It is the beginning of a great friendship and harmony between Irene and the world of painting. 

How and when the idea of PaintingMusic come about

The idea of ​​combining music and painting came by chance. In September 2014, together with guitarist Angelo Tatone, she founded the musical brand Variando musica, with which the two musicians perform various music projects (concerts, instrumental workshops, composition and improvisation workshops, etc.). After experimenting with the creation of the logo for Variando musica, she began to "manipulate" the musical elements and combine her musical compositions with graphics and colors. This is how the first graphic ideas of PaintingMusic were created.

What is PaintingMusic?

PaintingMusic is, as the word itself says, the "painting of music", the graphic and visual realization of the elements of the musical language. The goal is to contextualize its language in different contexts. Each object is linked to a category and a specific topic. The music used and engraved on each piece is composed by Irene Malizia and represents excerpts of the compositions and musical interpretation in a graphic language. The pictures are all created by Irene Malizia as well.

The characteristics of my creations

The creations are 100% painted and engraved by hand. Each painted glasses glass piece is baked at 170 ° in the oven and is water resistant, which makes it possible to clean them, only with water and not with soap or solvents (it is recommended only a small amount of water with a cloth or a sponge to clean painted glasses). The colors used are all ecological, water based and contain no solvents, are non-toxic and therefore suitable for your children. Since all are handmade creations, they are unique pieces, therefore no one is identical. However, they can be replicated on request.