di Irene Malizia

Catalog and orders

On this page you can see the price list of all articles from the catalog. The availability of the articles are also indicated in the price list as well as on the page "Art creations". For the articles that are not available at the moment, you will find the the waiting time required for the realization of the article. If you would like a personalized order, with motives that are not in the catalog, please indicate this in the request form.

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To send the order, you need the following information, which you must enter in the form:
1) Type of article (glass, bottle, postcard, poster, etc.)
2) Article code (see catalog / price list or next to each article on the respective pages of the various "creations")
3) Desired dimensions (for glass, posters, postcards and puzzles)

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Hand-painted hanging glasses
Hand-painted glass bottles with cork
Musical material
Glass diamerer 140 mm
Glass diamerer 100 mm
Glass diamerer 140 mm
Glass dimensions 80 x 100 mm
Glass dimensions 100 x 140 mm
Glass dimensions 140 x 200 mm
Puzzle 200 x 300 mm
Puzzle 300 x 450 mm
Puzzle 500 pieces (475 mm x 320 mm)
Puzzle 1000 pieces (650 x 475 mm)